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Bio Oil - PurCellin Oil - 60ml -25%
  About this item  Natural oils, vitamins and plant extracts combine to create B..
12.00€ 9.00€

MICROLIFE - BP A6 PC Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Detection of Atrial Fibrillation -32%
Blood pressure & pulse measurement Detection of atrial fibrillation (specific heart arrhythmia)..
90.00€ 61.00€

BIODERMA - Sensibio H2O - 500ml -32%
 Sensibio H2O is the 1st and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with ..
15.65€ 10.64€

KORRES - SUNSCREEN SHEA BUTTER 50SPF For kids (1+1) - 150ml+150ml -53%
 SUNSCREEN SHEA BUTTER 50SPF For kids  3,38Fl. Oz. 150mL  __Sunscreen emu..
21.80€ 10.25€

ELANCYL - DUO CelluSlim Night - 2Χ250ml -40%
 Elancyl Cellu Slim Night 250ml slimming night care with mild and unctuous texture acts du..
56.45€ 33.87€

Bio Oil - PurCellin Oil - 125ml -51%
  About this item  Natural oils, vitamins and plant extracts combine to create B..
19.90€ 9.70€

ELANCYL - Recharge Activ' Massage Minceur Gel Douche - 200ml -40%
 Elancyl Activ' Slimming Massage Gel 200ml is a slimming special shower. It contains a sli..
12.80€ 7.68€

NEUTROGENA - Nourishin Foot Cream Dry - 100ml -20%
Foot cream for dry and damaged skin, intensively moisturize to sooth and relieve direct even the mos..
9.20€ 7.36€

DARPHIN - Lumiere Essentielle Illuminating Oil Gel Cream - 50ml NEW -35%
Light is the essence of life and of beautiful skin. This cashmere soft gel-cream with skin-strengthe..
49.00€ 31.85€

DARPHIN - Lumiere Essentielle Illuminating Oil Serum - 30ml NEW -35%
Light is the essence of life and of beautiful skin. This crystalline serum with invigorating marine ..
59.00€ 38.35€

ROGER & GALLET - Le Soin Aura Mirabilis - Legendary Cream - 50ml NEW -25%
Legendary Cream Renews-Revitalizes the skin Lightens-.Enriched with 19 essential oils, distilled fro..
36.00€ 27.00€

ROGER & GALLET - Le Soin Aura Mirabilis - Double Extract - 35ml NEW -25%
Serum in two phases.Restores, corrects, brightens.Enriched with 18 precious essential oils, distille..
55.00€ 41.25€

ROGER & GALLET - Le Soin Aura Mirabilis - Beauty Vinegar - 200ml NEW -25%
Beautifying "vinegar" which soothes, purifies and refines the skin.Enriched with 18 essential oils, ..
19.90€ 14.93€

ROGER & GALLET - Le Soin Aura Mirabilis - Extra Fine Cleansing Mask - 100ml NEW -25%
extremely Lightweight Cleaning Mask.Enriched with 18 essential oils distilled from medicinal plants...
19.90€ 14.93€

RENE FURTERER - RF80 Consentre 12 AmpX5ml + gift Forticea Shampoo - 200ml NEW -25%
Want to stop hair loss and to help develop stronger and more..
50.00€ 37.50€

RENE FURTERER - Triphasic VHT Serum 8flX5,5ml + gift Forticea Shampoo 200ml NEW -25%
Want to stop hair loss and to help develop stronger and more..
66.00€ 49.50€

LIERAC - Dioptifatigue Fatigue Correction Energizing Balm Gel - 10ml NEW -25%
Lierac Dioptifatigue Gel Gel During Correction of eyestrain, ..
26.70€ 20.03€

OTI - Neo Bioxy - 15sacs NEW
A dietary supplement based on magnesium.Useful for the good condition of the intestine.BR oxygenatin..

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I've bought twice from this store. Because there was a problem in the process of payment children have contacted me immediately. The products have been dispatched on the same day with the order and received the next. Were included in the package and test samples. They are professionals. Good for them!!
My order was Wednesday and surrendered in Crete Friday morning. Excellent packaging, free samples. Very good prices. Excellent service.
The service was excellent and even buying very often on the Internet I can say with certainty that it was fast compared to any other my purchase with regard to pharmaceuticals. Communication and information concerning the course of buying and shipping of products was immediate. With regard to prices, these are the lowest in the market so the image of the store overall is excellent.
Excellent experience from the store! Politeness, good prices and prompt service! I ordered two products Friday 27/11 morning and this morning, Monday 30/11, I received my order in perfect condition!
Good value, quick service and delivery. The store seems reliable and economic, utilitarian page. Procured one measuring device with electronic order. Excellent update on the progress of the order, I received in one day and I paid with credit. In imeil communication on any questions answered to a maximum of 5 minutes, excellent communication.
LIERAC - Iridescent Milk Spray SPF30 Tan Activating - Anti-Aging - 150ml -25%
 This spray delivers fine droplets of a fresh, melt-in iridescent milk, formulated to safely activat..
25.50€ 19.13€

LIERAC - Magnificence Creme Rouge - 50ml -25%
Care with 3.5% concentration in complex D-Glyox – patent LIERAC under consolidation – and with hyalu..
73.45€ 55.09€

LIERAC - Creme Lavante Corps Surgras Sans Savon - 200ml -25%
 [5.4%] oil safflower + surfactants ultra soft cream melting washer and dry to soft power foam, idea..
14.00€ 10.50€

LIERAC - Bust Lift Anti-Aging Recontouring Cream - 75ml -25%
 A complete anti-aging cream with a reshaping texture that combines a firming complex of hazelnut ol..
50.70€ 38.03€

LIERAC - Liftissime Yeux Re-Lifting Serum Eye & Eyelids - 15ml -25%
An eye-opener Highly concentrated in Cell-Junction complex - patent pending, and hyaluronic acid, t..
53.00€ 39.75€

APIVITA - Nature's Hair Color 7.0 Blond with honey & sunflower - 50ml + 75ml + 10ml -15%
 Your hair talk! "I Want Perfect  COVERAGE, DURATION FLASH & in color"   the A..
15.40€ 13.09€

APIVITA - Lip Care with Chamomile SPF15 - 4,4g -15%
  88% natural ingredients Soothing Effect – Sunscreen Action – Moisturization of Chapped Lips..
4.80€ 4.08€

APIVITA - BODY ENERGY Energizing Bath & Shower Gel - 300 ml -15%
88% natural ingredients Dirt Removal – Revitalization – Energy and Mood Uplifting Bath & showe..
10.10€ 8.59€

APIVITA - Cream for Dry-Chapped Hands with hypericum & beeswax - 50ml -15%
97% natural ingredients Repair – Improvement of Texture – Protection from Premature Aging Awarded ..
6.90€ 5.87€

APIVITA - Essential Oil Refresh 10ml -15%
 This essential oil blend combines bergamot, lemon and grapefruit essential oils to refresh you..
10.50€ 8.93€

ELANCYL - Stretch Marks Care Oil - 150ml -40%
 Elancyl Stretch Marks Care Oil 150 ml supports the prevention and reduction of stretch ma..
26.22€ 15.73€

ELANCYL - DUO Bust-Firming Serum - 50ml+50ml -40%
 Elancyl Bust-Firming Serum with sweet almond oil re-sculpts and shapes the breast, the ne..
35.08€ 21.05€

ELANCYL - Bust-Firming Serum - 50ml -40%
 Elancyl Bust-Firming Serum 50ml with sweet almond oil re-sculpts and shapes the breast, t..
23.39€ 14.03€

ELANCYL - Toning Shower Gel - 200ml -40%
 Elancyl Toning Shower Gel has been formulated soap-free and based on ivy extract to gently cle..
9.68€ 5.81€

ELANCYL - Activ' Massage Minceur + Gant - 200ml -40%
 Glove + massage 200 ml shower gel. Stimulates, drains and firms. Tested under dermatological c..
37.80€ 22.68€

KORRES - 10.0 BLONDE PLATINUM NATURAL Argan oil advanced colorant - 50ml -30%
 Permanent Hair Colorant with pigment technology-lock that locks the color KEY FEATURES BENEFIT..
13.80€ 9.66€

Korres - Antiageing Body Oil Coconut Guava - 100ml -30%
Aromatic refreshing combination of exotic coconut and guava.Dry body oil, Karite butter and rich nat..
17.80€ 12.46€

KORRES - 6.0 BLONDE DARK NATURAL Argan oil advanced colorant - 50ml -30%
 Permanent Hair Colorant with pigment technology-lock that locks the color KEY FEATURES BENEFIT..
13.80€ 9.66€

 MAGNOLIA BARK DAY CREAM FOR FIRST WRINKLES/ SPF15 For all skin types  1,35Fl. Oz. ..
24.80€ 17.36€

NUXE - Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm Rêve de Miel ® Hydrating Lip Care - Nourishes, Repairs And Protects - 15ml -25%
Dry or chapped lips This best-selling lip balm with Honey and precious oils is highly concentrated ..
12.80€ 9.60€

NUXE - Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals Melting Cleansing Gel - Gently Cleanses And Removes Make-Up - 125ml -25%
For sensitive, normal and combination skin. This Melting Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals for face an..
12.70€ 9.53€

NUXE - Nuxellence® Éclat Youth & Radiance Revealing Anti-Aging Care - 50ml -25%
For all skin types The formula of this anti-ageing fluid holds 10 patents. With Passion Flower and ..
52.67€ 39.50€

FREZYDERM - anti wrinkle Eye Cream - 15ml -20%
 Anti-wrinkle cream for the area around the eyes, reduces wrinkles, firms and regenerates the s..
31.55€ 25.24€

FREZYDERM - Atoprel Baby Laundry - 1lt -20%
 Liquid detergent specially formulated for infant clothes. With skin-friendly neutral pH and sp..
12.94€ 10.35€

FREZYDERM - Baby Cologne - 150ml -20%
 Moisturizing baby cologne for the infant's daily perfuming and skin care. It's absolutely safe..
11.43€ 9.14€

FREZYDERM - Baby Shampoo - 200ml -20%
 Gentle daily shampoo for babies with pH 7,1 compatible with the tears of an infant that does n..
13.31€ 10.65€

FREZYDERM - Baby Gums Gel - 25ml -20%
 Soft gel that provides immediate relief to infant gums during the first dentition. Its unique ..
9.13€ 7.30€