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BIODERMA - Sensibio H2O - 500ml -32%
 Sensibio H2O is the 1st and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with ..
15.50€ 10.54€

MICROLIFE - BP A6 PC Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Detection of Atrial Fibrillation -32%
Blood pressure & pulse measurement Detection of atrial fibrillation (specific heart arrhythmia)..
90.00€ 61.50€

ELANCYL - Recharge Activ' Massage Minceur Gel Douche - 200ml -46%
 Elancyl Activ' Slimming Massage Gel 200ml is a slimming special shower. It contains a sli..
12.70€ 6.85€

NEUTROGENA - Nourishin Foot Cream Dry - 100ml -20%
Foot cream for dry and damaged skin, intensively moisturize to sooth and relieve direct even the mos..
9.20€ 7.36€

ELANCYL - DUO CelluSlim Night - 2Χ250ml -46%
 Elancyl Cellu Slim Night 250ml slimming night care with mild and unctuous texture acts du..
56.00€ 30.24€

Bio Oil - PurCellin Oil - 60ml -25%
  About this item  Natural oils, vitamins and plant extracts combine to create B..
11.95€ 8.96€

DUCRAY - Melascreen Light Cream SPF 50+ UVA - 40ml -46%
 This photoprotective cream helps limit and reduce sun-induced hyperpigmentations.  It has..
16.50€ 8.89€

AVENE - Cleanance Gel Nettoyant 200 ml -32%
 -Gel Cleanser Without Soap-Soap-free-Rinsing with Water-Face-Backup-   Fabric gel witho..
12.30€ 8.36€

LaRochePosay - Effaclar Duo+ Acne Treatment - 40ml -25%
 Recommended for mild to moderate acne-prone skin. Clinically proven to reduce acne as effectiv..
14.80€ 11.10€

AVENE - Emulsion SPF50+ - 50ml -46%
 -Facial Facial Cream-Normal/Gross/Oily Skin-Very High Protection Sun protection face cream fo..
18.70€ 10.10€

KLORANE - POLYSIANES Elixir De Monoi - 100ml NEW -31%
Oil for hair, face and body (100ml) Dry oil suitable for the body, face and hair.Benefits gives skin..
17.80€ 12.28€

PHYTO - Phytoplage Spray Reparateur - 125ml NEW -27%
Express care with excellent conditioner composition and offers intense hydration in damaged hair-Car..
14.80€ 10.80€

PHYTO - Phytoplage Masque Reparateur - 125ml NEW -27%
Mask for reparation after the Sun. Corrupted-damaged hair.Rich mask nourishes, repairs and rebuilds ..
19.40€ 14.16€

PHYTO - Phytobaume Volume - 150ml NEW -27%
Conditioner for fine hair volume the perfect choice to give rich volume in very fine hair!PHYTOBAUME..
15.30€ 11.17€

LIERAC - Magnificence Nuit - 50ml NEW -20%
Lierac Magnificence Nuit-for all skin types Detoxifier abrasive gel-balm-Wrinkles Firming-Shine-Deto..
74.20€ 59.36€

BIODERMA - Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30 - 40ml NEW -32%
Maximum Moisturising care Ideal for Dehydrated Skin, Smoothes Sensitive & lightens and protects ..
20.90€ 14.21€

BIODERMA - Hydrabio Gel Creme - 40ml NEW -32%
Moisturizing texture leptorreystis care for normal to mixed-sensitive skin. Moisturizes and strength..
19.00€ 12.92€

BIODERMA - Photoderm Spray SPF30 - 400ml NEW -33%
Sunscreen spray that offers high protection against solar radiation on face and body for all skin ty..
30.00€ 20.00€

GALENIC - Argane - Baume corps généreux - 200ml NEW -10%
Nourishment and rejuvenation dry skin-Body.Nourishing for dry skin dry skin body.Velvety and delicio..
21.00€ 18.90€

GALENIC - Argane - Crème cocon nuit  - 50ml NEW -10%
Nourish and revitalize dry skin in-person.Nourishes and revitalizes the skin during the night.This d..
42.00€ 37.80€

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I've bought twice from this store. Because there was a problem in the process of payment children have contacted me immediately. The products have been dispatched on the same day with the order and received the next. Were included in the package and test samples. They are professionals. Good for them!!
My order was Wednesday and surrendered in Crete Friday morning. Excellent packaging, free samples. Very good prices. Excellent service.
The service was excellent and even buying very often on the Internet I can say with certainty that it was fast compared to any other my purchase with regard to pharmaceuticals. Communication and information concerning the course of buying and shipping of products was immediate. With regard to prices, these are the lowest in the market so the image of the store overall is excellent.
Excellent experience from the store! Politeness, good prices and prompt service! I ordered two products Friday 27/11 morning and this morning, Monday 30/11, I received my order in perfect condition!
Good value, quick service and delivery. The store seems reliable and economic, utilitarian page. Procured one measuring device with electronic order. Excellent update on the progress of the order, I received in one day and I paid with credit. In imeil communication on any questions answered to a maximum of 5 minutes, excellent communication.
LIERAC - Masque Eclat Vitamin-Enriched Lifting Fluid - Mask - 50ml -27%
This slightly pearly orange-tinted gel-cream combines yellow clay with “lifting” agents and poppy an..
21.40€ 15.62€

LIERAC - Gommage Douceur Exfoliating Cream Scrub - 50ml -27%
 White clay and mallow extract make this evanescent scrub, rich in jojoba beads and linseed flower e..
19.40€ 14.16€

LIERAC - Comfort Milk Spray SPF50+ Ultimate Protection Anti-Wrinkle - Anti-Brown Spot - 150ml -27%
This misty fresh spray offers delicate and sun-intolerant skin the height of ultimate protection, as..
26.50€ 19.35€

LIERAC - Hydra-Chrono+ Lips Melt-In Balm - Colourful - 3gr -27%
 Two melt-in balms for beautiful made-to-measure shiny (1) and colorful (2) lips with an iridescent ..
15.30€ 11.17€

LIERAC - Mesolift Vitamin-Enriched Fondant Cream - 50ml -27%
The ultimate fatigue-smoothing cream for the skin – a fresh and creamy formula enriched with citrus ..
43.55€ 31.79€

APIVITA - Bee Princess Bio-Eco Lip Care - 4,4g -15%
  100% natural ingredients Hydration – Shine – Fruit Flavour ICEA certified bio-eco lip balm..
4.80€ 4.08€

APIVITA - Nature's Hair Color 10.0 Very Very Light Blond with honey & sunflower - 50ml + 75ml + 10ml -15%
 Your hair talk! "I Want Perfect  COVERAGE, DURATION FLASH & in color"   the A..
15.40€ 13.09€

APIVITA - PASTILLES Pastilles for Sore Throat with honey & thyme - 45g -15%
 Relieve sore throat Offer mild antiseptic and antioxidant action Contain vit..
5.00€ 4.25€

APIVITA - Essential Oil Rosemary - 5ml -15%
From the antiquity, rosemary has been known as one of the best tonics for the nervous system, excell..
11.40€ 9.69€

APIVITA - Nature's Hair Color 3.0 Dark Brown with honey & sunflower - 50ml + 75ml + 10ml -15%
 Your hair talk! "I Want Perfect  COVERAGE, DURATION FLASH & in color"   the A..
15.40€ 13.09€

ELANCYL - DUO CelluSlim Night - 2Χ250ml -46%
 Elancyl Cellu Slim Night 250ml slimming night care with mild and unctuous texture acts du..
56.00€ 30.24€

ELANCYL - Creme Fermete Corps - 200ml -40%
 Elancyl Firming Body Cream 200ml with ivy extract reinforces the elasticity of the skin a..
25.60€ 15.36€

ELANCYL - Stretch Mark Correction Gel - 75ml -30%
 Elancyl Stretch Mark Correction Gel 75ml with vitamin C and Fibrillin reduces the apparit..
24.20€ 16.94€

ELANCYL - DUO Bust-Firming Serum - 50ml+50ml -46%
 Elancyl Bust-Firming Serum with sweet almond oil re-sculpts and shapes the breast, the ne..
34.80€ 18.82€

ELANCYL - Cellu Slim 45+ - 200ml -54%
 Cellu Slim 45 + Care during their relaxing body remodeling & Caffeine & Firming Apple ..
39.00€ 17.92€

 ALMOND & LINSEED NOURISHING HAIR MASK For dry hair  4,23Fl. Oz. 125mL  __Nourishing hair mas..
11.25€ 7.54€

KORRES - 8.1 LIGHT BLONDE ASH Argan oil advanced colorant - 50ml -33%
 Permanent Hair Colorant with pigment technology-lock that locks the color KEY FEATURES BENEFIT..
13.80€ 9.25€

KORRES - 7.3 HONEY BLOND Argan oil advanced colorant - 50ml -33%
 Permanent Hair Colorant with pigment technology-lock that locks the color KEY FEATURES BENEFIT..
13.80€ 9.25€

KORRES - COCONUT MILK Body Lotion - 200ml -33%
 COCONUT MILK Body lotion 6, 76Fl. Oz. 200mL __ Exotic coconut scent with sweet vanilla ESSE..
7.00€ 4.69€

KORRES - SUNTAN OIL FACE & BODY WALNUT & COCONUT SPF10 Deep and uniform tan. - 150ml -50%
 SUNTAN OIL FACE & BODY WALNUT & COCONUT SPF10 Deep and uniform tan.  5,07Fl. Oz..
15.80€ 7.90€

NUXE - Aroma-Perfection® Perfecting Care Anti-Imperfections Face Care - Shrinks Pores, Hydrates - 40ml -25%
For combination and oily skin This perfecting care acts throughout the day and night to reduce impe..
22.10€ 16.58€

NUXE - Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Rich Cream Global Anti - Aging - 50ml -25%
Day cream for dry to very dry skin. Skin appears refreshed, moisturised for 90%.Nourishing the ..
52.00€ 39.00€

NUXE - Tanning Oil for Face and Body SPF10 Nuxe Sun Anti-Aging Cellular Protection, Sublime Tan – With Sun And Water Flower - 150ml -25%
Face and Body This sun oil with Sun and Water Flowers protects cells from ageing and helps you achi..
18.00€ 13.50€

FREZYDERM - Hair Repair Mask - 200ml -20%
 Rich mask that offers intensive and enhanced nutrition and hydration to dehydrated and damaged..
13.87€ 11.10€

FREZYDERM - Baby Oil - 200ml -20%
 Slightly perfumed emollient oil, suitable for babies, children and adults. It is ideal for the..
12.87€ 10.30€

FREZYDERM - Intim Area Foam - 150ml -20%
 Soft foam for the effective daily cleansing of the intimate area during the reproductive years..
18.92€ 15.14€

FREZYDERM - Baby Perioral - 40ml -20%
 Emollient cream for the treatment of the infants' perioral area. Its specific composition of p..
15.94€ 12.75€

FREZYDERM - Moisturizing Rich Cream 45+ - 50ml -20%
 Very rich face and neck cream for intense hydration of dry and dehydrated mature skin. Daily u..
27.40€ 21.92€